Girls and Women’s Programme

Unique to Seido London Shibu, the Girls and Women’s Programme offers an all-female environment and comprehensive training covering all aspects of the Seido Karate curriculum from white to brown belt (10th to 1st kyu). Headed by Jun Shihan Tina Paterson, the highest ranked female Seido practitioner in Europe, the Girls and Women’s Programme was started with the aim of providing karate instruction to students who otherwise would not be able to train due to personal, cultural or religious reasons.

The Girls and Women’s Programme is one of the reasons Seido London Shibu is one of the most inclusive dojos in the UK and has helped bring to fruition our belief that Karate should be available to anyone who is interested in learning. All female students are also welcome to attend the open classes at their own discretion.


“The 3 words that come to mind instantly when I think about our dojo are; Family, Passion and Growth. There isn’t a person in our dojo who you can’t learn something from, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t celebrate your success…”
Amatullah Forbes

“The atmosphere in classes is uniquely warm and uplifting but professional and disciplined. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this community…”
Ilona Makarov

“…I find the woman’s only environment empowering as the emphasis is on encouragement and support. I am also proud to be part of such a strong group of women.”
Rachel Wang

“…The women’s classes are amazing, full of great women of all ages and origins, and I think this has been one of the most important factors that made me feel at home in this dojo. Additionally, the effort put in the online classes (taking place during quarantine) is outstanding – these classes have really helped me through these times.”
Miranta Kouvari

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