Our Ethos

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Students of London Shibu are a part of a diverse community of individuals, with students from around the world. Much like London itself, our Dojo has become a fulcrum point for karate enthusiasts from every continent with close relationship to other Seido dojos in Europe, United States, New Zealand and Japan. Being a member of the World Seido Karate Organization means you’ll belong to a legitimate, world-wide structured organisation that has strict standards and a syllabus developed by one of the world’s best Karate exponents; Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura.

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The backbone of London Shibu is it’s local community of parents and students. With a family friendly environment, we proud ourselves on offering a supportive space where our community comes together to help each one of our students achieve their full potential. We are open to everyone, provided they have the will to learn, regardless of gender, creed or race. We also offer the unique opportunity for parents to train alongside their children and several of our adult students started to train because of the enthusiasm their children showed for the classes and the benefits the study of karate has brought to their lives.

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Our instructors are chosen not only for their years of karate experience and teaching ability, but also for their sensitivity and desire to help others.  With many years of training and teaching experience, and from a range of diverse backgrounds, they provide a safe and positive environment for the practice of Karate. Our Dojo also provides women only classes taught by Jun Shihan Tina Paterson (6th Dan) the highest ranked female Seido practitioner in Europe.

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By providing a safe and inclusive environment, it becomes possible to help students realize their potential through the practice of traditional karate. Each student develops true sense of accomplishment as their progress is earned through their own effort. It is only through serious practice that individuals develop a non-quitting attitude which is in turn taken to all aspects of their lives. London Shibu students learn to be self-reliant and kind to others, to have effective self-defence skills while developing strong bodies and mind.

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