About Us


Why We Teach

Our aim is to help our students develop their potential through the practice of karate in a safe and positive environment. Each individual student really matters to us and we pride ourselves on developing a diverse community of dedicated individuals with solid skills and a non-quitting attitude. Seido London is a traditional Martial Arts school affiliated with the World Seido Karate Organization.


Who We Are

Founded in 2001, London Shibu is the principal Dojo for Seido Karate in the UK. Led by Sei Shihan Brandt Leitch and Jun Shihan Tina Gath with the vision of helping students, regardless of their background, develop a can-do attitude towards life. All students at London Shibu train directly with our most senior and experienced instructors regardless of their grade level. Our head instructor, Sei Shihan Brandt Leitch (6th Dan) is directly involved with the development of each one of our students and has extensive experience teaching children and adults alike. Our head of the women’s program, Jun Shihan Tina Paterson (6th Dan) is the highest ranked female Seido Karate practitioner in Europe.

Our Teaching Method

Our classes cover a wide curriculum where students learn the foundations of karate technique (kihon), self-defence techniques (bunkai), the study of traditional forms (kata) and sparring (kumite).



The fundamental techniques of karate are the basis for every aspect of learning. In kihon training, students learn how to properly and safely form a fist and execute several striking and defensive techniques. These are performed in various stances and through the progressive understanding of these techniques that the most profound meaning and applications of karate are understood. The kihon curriculum form the basic building blocks of karate practice and is highly sophisticated in its applications.


Kata is an intrinsic aspect of karate training. Originally these choreographed forms were developed as a way to practice strong defensive and offensive movements in sequence without the need of a partner and so techniques could be practiced in full power without the risk of injury. The Seido curriculum offers a variety of traditional Katas in a progressive manner so students can build up their skills and understanding as they progress though grade levels.


Hidden within the aesthetics of kata training are several self-defence techniques, or bunkai. Students of London Shibu learn how to understand these often-abstract movements and translate them into potentially life-saving self-defence tactics. The study of bunkai is done under close guidance of our instructors who understand how to safely and effectively pass on this knowledge.


Students above green belt level are expected to attend sparring classes. These classes are done with protective equipment and strict rules for controlled contact. Each class is supervised by one of our experienced instructors and are focused on skill development and endurance training. Each karate-ka is expected to be helpful and collaborative, allowing less experienced students to safely benefit from the wealth of knowledge of their seniors.

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