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Sei Shihan Brandt Leitch

A full-time professional Karate instructor with over 30 years’ experience in Martial Arts. He is the head teacher for Seido Karate London Shibu and Branch Chief for Seido karate in the UK. Sei Shihan Brandt holds a 6th Dan Black Belt and is a life-long practitioner of karate with a wealth of experience in real-world application of self-defence and sparring techniques.

All students attending classes at Seido Karate London Shibu benefit from training directly with our head instructor, from the 5-year-old beginners to the senior Black belts. Brandt’s dedication and involvement with each student’s training produces visible results in the outcome of every student’s development as well as the broader benefits of training, such as fitness, confidence, focus and an unwavering non-quitting attitude.

In 2006 Brandt was awarded a commendation by the Metropolitan Police for Public Spiritedness.

Kyoshi Tina Paterson

Jun Shihan Tina Paterson

A highly experienced karate instructor and co-founder of Seido Karate London Shibu alongside Sei Shihan Brandt Leitch. She began training in 1992 in Auckland, NZ and has been instructing since 1996. Jun Shihan Tina’s 27 years of teaching experience benefits her students with both unrivalled pedagogical skills and unwavering dedication to their progress and well being. Her classes are a favourite for her ability to convey complex concepts while fostering an engaging and positive atmosphere. Jun Shihan Tina heads the Girls and Women’s Programme and has helped countless students become successful karate-ka. Tina is the highest ranked female Seido karate practitioner in Europe, holding a 6th Dan Black belt.

Senpai Sean McGowan

Sensei Sean McGowan

A champion in point fighting, having competed in the USA, Jamaica and Europe.

Sensei Sean began training in 2001 at Honbu, the World Seido Karate Organisation Headquarters in New York, under the supervision of Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Holding a Fourth Dan black belt, Sensei Sean teaches the Children and Youth Programme alongside Sei Shihan Brandt and also point-sparring techniques. His teaching approach to karate provides students with structure, while making training engaging and fun. Sensei Sean’s classes are loved by our junior students and sees them confidently and safely working to overcome their limits.

Senpai Ethan Charlton

Senpai Ethan Charlton

Senpai Ethan started at Seido Karate London Shibu at age 8 and was promoted to black belt in 2018. He is an accomplished martial artist and successful full contact tournament and professional MMA fighter. Senpai Ethan is often cited by students as an inspiration, role model and is greatly admired for his technical skills and personal conduct. He shines for his ability to convey technique in a clear and dynamic fashion, challenging students to excel while helping them feel at ease whilst outside their comfort zone – an essential life skill.

Assistant Instructors

Lina Doudjer

Lina Doudjer

(1st Dan)

Black Belt List – past and present

Brandt Leitch

Cham Bain Smith

Tina Paterson

Ingrid Seifert

Tony Gath

Richard McGregor

Yvonne Von Velzen

Charles Gervaisso

Adam Pearson

Pam Howes

Sean McGowan

Simon Murray

Ben Hagger

Jake Hagger

Lilian Yong

Adam Chahboub (Jr)

Kym Hagger

Ismael Benadjal

Mohammed Ilyasin Daoudi

Amber O’Brien

Tristan Costello (Jr)

Oscar O’Brien

Ethan Charlton

Giuseppe Ricotta

Jason Chalk

Douglas Joseph

Sarah Daoudi

Maryam Daoudi

Kilian Seifert Leitch

Salamah Farooque

Cain Bailey

Daniele Ricotta

Lina Doudjer

Elizabeth O’Brien

Jean-Laurent Dupont

Jack Chalk

Drew Paul (Jr)

Carlos Lutterbach

Erran Stewart

Nawel Kendri

Björn Ahl

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