Seido Karate for Kids

The kids programme is open to students from 6 years of age. Through the practice of Seido Karate, children learn discipline, self-confidence and to appreciate the correlation between effort and outcome. Our students train in all aspects of karate in focused classes which allow them to build skills on a solid base. Students learn to be respectful and courteous to their peers and teachers irrespectively of rank or age. They learn to appreciate that our community is one of our strongest assets and quickly become invested in each other’s success. Seido London Shibu students at all levels understand this and learn to appreciate how effort translates into progress and growth, an attitude they bring into their lives outside the dojo.


“I’ve been doing karate for 5 years now. It’s helped me with my confidence and strength and it’s taught me that if you work hard you can do anything and be the best that you can be.”
Ava (age 10)

“…it helps to push our “comfort zone” further and it helps for school. The teacher (Sei Shihan Brandt) is very nice.”
Cedric Roger (age 13)

“Seido London Shibu has had an enormous effect on our family. We brought them a slightly awkward 6 year old with focus problems. He’s become a committed 10 year old confident in himself and his abilities.”
Chris Jones

“I love karate because training makes me feel energised. London Karate-do is the best dojo in the world.”
Baran (age 7)

“Karate has helped my son to focus and take pride in his achievements, and we love being part of such a diverse, supportive and fun community”
Kielan Taylor

“My 2 boys have been doing karate classes here for over a year now. I am amazed at how much progress they have made. The instructors are excellent and there is a real family atmosphere and a sense of community…”
Razia Dogar

“Since they joined Seido London Shibu three years ago, I have witnessed my children step out of their shell and start enjoying physical exercise. They have found that they are resilient people who often surprise us with their mental and physical strength…”
Jennifer L.

“It’s a fun sport that families can do together, and I enjoy my relationship with the other students.”
Stella (age 9)

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