Adult Programme

The adult program covers all aspects of Seido Karate, with a strong emphasis on fundamentals (kihon), forms (kata), sparing (kumite) and the application of forms in self-defence (bunkai). Our Seido Karate curriculum was carefully crafted by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura to allow students of all abilities to build their skill-set gradually and safely in a supportive, yet challenging environment. We strongly believe that progress is earned, and each grade awarded carries with it significance as it is born of a students’ self-commitment and effort.


“JunShihan Brandt is an extraordinarily teacher and leader: wise, experienced, generous with encouragement…”
Elizabeth O’Brien

“Learning Karate with my teenage son is wonderful. We’re in different classes, but we have something in common to discuss and do together. My top tip to all parents whose children do karate, join too!”
Kielan Taylor

“I have always found the instructors to be incredibly friendly, approachable and always encourage you to get the best out of yourself. This carries throughout the whole of the organisation and when I visit the other Dojo around the world, I receive the same comfort and inspiration.”
Nawel Kendri

“Initially I came to Seido / Seido London Shibu to bring my son to do Karate and then I joined and stayed because of the people and community. The teaching is great and I have got so much out of joining such an engaging and active Dojo”
Alex Smith

“…I have seen my balance, mobility and strength improve in surprising and unexpected ways. The classes are technical, challenging and incredibly engaging…”
Carlos L.

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