Celebrating Jun Shihan Tina Paterson


Congratulations to Tina Paterson, a true inspiration and an exceptional martial artist! Yesterday, she achieved an incredible milestone in her journey by receiving her 6th Dan black belt. As an esteemed instructor at Seido London Shibu, Tina has dedicated herself to empowering all students, with a special focus on empowering women. Her passion and expertise make her a remarkable teacher, and her students couldn't be prouder to see her promoted to the esteemed rank of Jun Shihan.

We appreciate her dedication, skill, and unwavering support. Eiko Hanshi Renzie Hanham made a special trip from New Zealand for the occasion and to promote, alongside Jun Shihan Tina, Jun Shihan Rahul Agarwal & Jun Shihan Hardeep Singh Panesar from India and Jun Shihan Mathew Sherratt from Chiswick. Join us in celebrating Tina Paterson and all new Jun Shihans!


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